We couldn’t be more happy and excited to create and put together Tu New York Magazine, the only Latin and Urban community publication on print, as an E-Mag

and online.

We are excited to bring you everything there is to know about the Latin and Urban community.
When we set out to create Tu New York Magazine we created it to not only give the Latin community a voice but the entire Urban community as a whole. We set out to bring light to our lifestyle.

As we all know New York City is the most multicultural city in the world and our mission is to show the diversity that Urban Latin communities have.

As the largest and most diverse group of millennials
we feel there should be a greater voice for Latinos
and larger representation in the media, New York City and beyond.

The Spanish language is no longer what defines us. We are a lifestyle, we are multicultural, we are Tu New York. We embrace pop culture, while maintaining close ties to our heritage. We are tech savvy, sports enthusiasts, cultural explorers. We eat out, we travel, we have fun.

We value our family and our community.
We value art, education, work, life. We are loyal.

We embrace all cultures.

So we embark on this new venture for all of us,
as a window into our lives, and a voice for you.

Tu voz decidirá tu futuro.